Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The contents of my letter to my government officials Amy Klobuchar, Al Franken, Keith Ellison as well as Myriad Genetics ...

Hello Folks, 

 I am writing to you today as a breast cancer survivor who is fed up with being an insurance pariah. Myriad Genetics owns the rights to the BRCA gene test and charges $4000 when it should only cost $100-200 to find out if you carry the breast cancer gene. No, I did not have to pay out of pocket, my insurance covered my test. But as you all know these types of inflated costs are passed on to the rest of the public. It also one of the reasons why it is so hard for me to get affordable insurance now. Myriad, you have a monopoly, and are abusing it. I ask that you lower the cost and I am asking my representatives to look into this matter, not just for me but for other breast cancer survivors and the insurance paying public as a whole. 

 Thanks to all, 
Michele Harris