Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Better Time Than Now

There's no point in waiting until I'm cured to start banging the drum about cancer awareness, prevention and research funding. The American Cancer Society has all the details and it isn't always about forking over cash. Sometimes it's about volunteering. Which means a Web site or two in Carbon Creative's future.

There's another cause bears mentioning and that's becoming a donor. At this point in my life, I already owe two people a great debt—two people I'll never know who made it possible for me to have a strong knee again and brand new breasts. Our friend Stephanie can attest to such gifts. Her cousin was recently killed in the war. It was a devastating blow to many people. But the upside is his heart has given a Chicago woman a chance at life.

So please 'pay it forward' for me and become a tissue and blood donor, because at the moment nobody wants my "stuff".


Jeanne said...

I'd like to second the request to donate blood. I can't, and my life depended on blood products for the better part of six months. I'm alive because of donated blood (and platelets and IGG and...).

Will you be able to give blood (and other "stuff") eventually? I was told that I wasn't allowed to ever give blood again, and would not be allowed to donate my organs.

C.M. Harris said...

Don't know the specifics yet. I would imagine I will be able to donate blood eventually.

What type of cancer did you have, Jeanne?