Thursday, July 16, 2009

Defying Gravity (sans broomstick, black dress and green skin)

Item #1: No vicodin today!
Miraculously without a 12-step program. Yet.

Item #2: Entire dentist office now alerted to my boob drama
I am shameless in my quest for attention. Admittedly, I needed that cleaning to have bacteria removed before chemo, but since they were asking …

Item #3: Tri-cycle! Tri-cycle!
Cher chaperoned me on a bike ride today on Rita’s three-wheeler recumbent. Smirks from other riders abounded. Just wait until I’m bald, smirkers, then you’ll see.

Item #4: Bras officially rendered moot
I ran for the first time since surgery today. Had to high tail it across the street from the dentist office, because I had crossed against the light (take that death!), and you know what? My new boobs DID—NOT—MOVE. I cannot express what a strange feeling that was. There must have been a jostle of some sort, because they’re not made of concrete, but I certainly didn’t detect it. Wow. Just wow. The possibilities ARE ENDLESS! Hrmph. So sure, I’ll wear your requisite decorative triangles to the beach, dear oppressive patriarchal society, but they are only there for show, so nananana boo boo.


Zan and Laura said...

you sure about that broomstick? and welcome to the less-well-endowed set. less jiggling is just one of the perks - guys are also more likely to look at your face while talking to you. wishing you many more vicodin-free days!


C.M. Harris said...

Too right. Thanks Laura!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the "poking-a-stick-in-death's-eye-cause-what-the-heck-else-can-you-possibly-do-to-me?" club. Crossing against the light, you say?

Hmmmmmm....You funny chica!

Laura L.

Jeanne said...

Liz has a trike. What kind do you have? She loves her Kettwiesel. And the word verification for my comment? fartox.

C.M. Harris said...

A Kettwiesel is a sweet bike. Cheryl's mom has a Sun Trike that we got her after hip surgery. It was great after mine because I wasn't putting any pressure on my pecs. But I really like to get out of the saddle and climb even though it's much less efficient.