Monday, June 8, 2009

Alrighty Then ...

I'll try to make this brief and post in more detail as I process the information. But what I'm looking at for sure is:

to remove 2.1 cm (level 2-3 out of 3) invasive ductile carcinoma
Chemotherapy protocol to destroy any cells that may be elsewhere in my body
Radiation on the breast to destroy any cells that may have migrated in the breast

On friday, I have one more ultrasound to confirm regions found on MRI are not cancerous. If it is still inconclusive, they will do another needle core biopsy on Monday. If by chance those are cancerous I will have a mastectomy. And if I need that, I will most likely opt for a double mastectomy.

This isn't a full prognosis, they won't be able to stage my cancer until after surgery. I'll try to describe some of this stuff over the next few days, weeks, months, but my head is spinning at the moment. I'm mostly just happy to know that my lymph nodes feel normal and I ain't gonna die anytime soon (what a weekend!). So what's really crucial to know here is that this a very average breast cancer situation. Women go through this all the time and survive. It's gonna be a b!tch, but, we all got sumthin.

Here's an interesting factoid: my clinic does 200 mammograms a week. Out of those, 10 find breast cancer. If you are over 40 and/or have a family history, please make an appointment for screening today.

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