Monday, June 22, 2009

C is for . . . Claudia

Just realized I switch to second person when writing about things I haven’t quite got my head around: “If you want nipples, they will fashion them for you...” And when it’s something I don't want to face without Cheryl it becomes first person plural: “Friday we meet with a plastic surgeon...”

Along those same lines of mini-denial, I let the doctors and staff call me by my first name. They read my chart or insurance card and I never correct them. So it’s Claudia going through this, not Michele.

C is also for coping.


allison said...

I do that too -- I'm Mary to strangers and in Doc. situations. I like having a formal name/persona to keep my own 'real name' unsullied. Good luck, Claudia!!

Anonymous said...

You know what: "whatever gets you through" is my motto. I was going to suggest you get copies of your favorite movies/TV shows etc and have them at the ready. Try to focus on comedy, if possible. I survived chemo watching reruns of Dallas and The Waltons. (this was before DVD box sets, obviously)

- Laura L.

Anonymous said...

Good. Let Claudia deal with the tough stuff, and let Michele's mind be calm! Good thing you have two people working to fight this, plus Cheryl.
- Todd

Anonymous said...

C is also for courage.
- J.

C.M. Harris said...

Thanks guys, for all your funny and helpful comments.