Friday, June 26, 2009


Michele came home today. It was a stressful day with many highs and lows. When we received the pathology report we were both floored. It confirmed that she really dodged a speeding bullet. I will let her explain more when she feels up to posting but long story short, both of her breasts were filled with two different types of cells that are known to develop into breast cancer. Had they not found the second cancer and had Michele opted for a lumpectomy, the nurse predicted she would have developed another cancer in the next twelve months. I feel very lucky. Catching that second very hard to find cancer put into motion decisions that likely saved Michele's life. Lots to think about and be thankful for.


Anonymous said...

I *heart* that second ultrasound and needle biopsy! And, of course, I *heart* you guys. Glad there is good news and the other momma is home. D.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Claudia is home already. Wow, sounds like she missed a bullet. It sure doesn't pay to put off these things, until tomorrow. Welcome home and hopeing for a speedy recovery. Love ya, A Nory

Zan and Laura said...

Welcome home, Michele!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling no pain. And we are so grateful that those boobs of yours were lopped off. They clearly had BAD juju.

Now the road to recovery...

Love ya, Jenny

PS Happy Pride!

Jonathan Odell said...

We both went "whewww!" and said a quick, "Thank, God."

Love you both,

Jon and Jim

Anonymous said...

Thank God! I know the recovery and coming days are going to be hard but you're going to do fine!!

Love to you both,

Laura and Ray

Anonymous said...

Very scary. So, so, glad to hear you guys made the decisions you did.

Glad you made it home!