Monday, June 15, 2009

Also Makes a Handy Pincushion

Had a lovely weekend, taking care of odds and ends, hanging with the peeps, getting strong. We’re in a much better place here at Carbon manor. Cheryl and I are slowly clueing the kids in on what’s ahead. We want them to be able to ask questions but we also don’t want to overwhelm them. They start kindergarten this fall and it needs to be as stress-free as possible. Madeline was concerned kids would make fun of them because of my bald head. It takes you aback at first, their awareness and honesty. But why should we censor that? It's exactly what I would have wondered at her age! Guess they will be shaped by this too, just no getting round it.

My biopsy went fine today. Finally had the guts to look at the device. I was imagining a giant pneumatic staple gun, but it’s really just a hollow needle, larger than normal but probably smaller than an amniocentesis needle (how do those women do it? poor things). The needle is long but they only go in an inch or two. They insert tiny metal markers too, so they can track the lumps. I’ve got four in now. Shrapnel.

Although my breast looks like a battlefield on which we’re firing the opening shots, I feel extremely vital. How lucky am I to have, not only my otherwise good health, but my wonderful friends and family who are working to keep me sane and making me feel loved? Everyone deserves this fringe benefit. I see the women who come to the clinic alone, looking a little rough around the edges and I just want to sit and talk with them. Future calling? We’ll see.

So. Another warm summer day. A few more cuts and bruises. Results on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Your strength is amazing. I am honored to be your friend.

- Laura

C.M. Harris said...

Thank you, Laura. The same goes here.