Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good News

Michele is still in surgery but I just spoke to her surgeon. They took out two sentinel lymph nodes and both looked clear. We will have full results on Friday but she said that doesn't tend to change. This means they did not remove the rest of her lymph nodes (one of her biggest fears), no radiation (another big fear) and the cancer does not look like it spread to other areas of her body (the third big fear).

Cancer sucks, double mastectomies suck. There is much comfort in knowing things don't suck as much as they could!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME NEWS!!! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Anonymous said...

That was from Tom R. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank God, the stars or whatever anyone might believe in.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Laura L

Zan and Laura said...

Great news, so far!

Jonathan Odell said...

It may be one step at a time, but by gosh, that was a step worth celebrating!!!!!

Tracy & Kristen said...

Breathing a sigh of relief in this house. Every little bit of good news is worth celebrating!

-T & K

Anonymous said...

Cheryl -

A friend who has been through this says it is very important to not get behind on the pain meds these first few days. Even if M is feeling good at the moment, keep taking the pills. My friend didn't and regretted it.


Laura L

Unknown said...

We've been thinking and praying for you guys all day. Although the recovery will be intense, as will adjusting to a new body (literally and emotionally), we are very thankful that the future prognosis looks so good.

Thank you so much for keeping up on this blog and filling us all in. What a gift you've given us to share in this difficult journey with you.


haugenjo said...

Michele and Cheryl,

I've always admired you both, but I can't express now how that's been magnified over the last couple of weeks. It takes real courage to share what you have -- even with friends. No filters. Just honesty and a lot of humor. So thank you for including me and keeping me posted. I look forward to reading more good news and hope to see you very soon.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and positive energy! Michele is doing well and is so happy with all of the positive reports. I read all of your notes to her and she couldn't stop saying how great you all are and how much she appreciates all of you. Of course a part of that may have been the drugs talking but, I think she really meant most of it ;)

Anonymous said...

keeping you guys in my prayers.

cousin laura

allison said...

looking forward to more good news. Thinking of you and praying for you, gals. love, allison

KimO said...

this is GREAT news... hang in there. We're thinking of you.
Kim & Dave, & the girls