Monday, June 29, 2009

A rough couple of days

Michele isn't feeling great. She doesn't really feel up to blogging but I wanted to keep all of you informed on her progress. The last couple of days have been filled with fever and queasiness. Her healing is right on schedule. I changed her dressing today and everything looked great. She's a bit emotionally discouraged though.

I need your help. I've been trying to make her laugh but apparently she doesn't find me funny right now. That may not bode well for all of you (because I am very funny) but any attempts at humor on your part would be greatly appreciated.

Whatcha got???


Anonymous said...

I hope no one will find a little "death" humor offensive.
Vinnie, the ShamWow! spokesman is being investigated in the death of Billy Mays. They found a Slap Chop near Billy's body.
- J.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl -

You made me laugh!

More death humor: I'm convinced that the Governor of SC who is "crying for me Argentina" killed Michael Jackson.

Pretty sure he has sent a hefty donation check to help care for the 3 Jackson orphans.

What a deal for him, right? Complete media blackout just as his little scandal erupted.

Hope that helps!

Laura L.

P.S. should we worry about the fever?

Anonymous said...

Okay, your nephew will not be happy about my telling this story, but last summer during Wimbledon week Robert and Grant have their annual "grudge match" tennis game to see who is the least terrible tennis player and they get bragging rights for a year.

Well, our rackets have seen some better days (hey, they oly use them that one match a year and I bought them at a garage sale to start with) and the one Grant used last summer had a hole in it. He said he'd be fine with it having a hole and that he could still beat Robert. Robert his the ball back to Grant and Grant swung at the ball to hit it back and it went thru the hole in the strings. Grant said, "Oh, that didn't count, it went thru the hole." Robert replied, "Just turn the racket over." Not sure why Robert thought turning the racket over would get rid of the hole, but we all cracked up over it.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps an iphone would cheer her up. There's gotta be an app for that!

Note: Cheryl this does not mean you can yours and give her your old one.


Jonathan Odell said...

I know something that will make her smile. Coleman concedes and Franken is finally our senator. Just think of the great comedy ahead!!

grinning yet?


Anonymous said...

Imagine this... Our son, who will remain anonymous has aquired a new skill, peeing standing up! But being the competitive bugger that he is, he's already looking for new challenges -target practice. Originally he sought to pee on the tree, which generally meant anywhere in the back corner of our yard. It was a slightly messy propect, as he could be seen from time to time drying off his legs. Wind, perhaps? We think so. Because, now his target is indoors. Here's the latest: You know when you lift the lid on your toilet and then you lift the seat? To the eye of a three year-old there is now a circular target directly ahead. His aim is true, as witnessed by the yellow waterfall spreading across the bathroom floor. Has your son done this?!

Jane and Heather

Anonymous said...

Perhaps these four words will help get at least a smirk...PAINTER. MACE. BITTER COLD.